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Wahl Balding Clipper

Wahl Balding Clipper

Wahl Balding Clipper

The Wahl Balding & Skin Head Grade 0 Hair Clippers are made by the world-leaders in hair clippers and trimmers WAHL .

Whatever your hair type these clippers give a great grade zero Cut or shave. The Wahl is a super close-cutting single cut clipper with precision zero-overlap, fine tooth surgical quality blades for a Razor-Close Cut! - So perfect for head shaving. You will find no other clippers that cut closer than these.

The Wahl Balding Clippers are Powerful, with a very durable and long lasting professional V5000 clipper motor. They have been designed for the busy stylist or barber, and have rust resistant, high precision, chrome plated blades. The convenient taper adjuster screw helps create texture without the need of changing the blades.

The clipper has been ergonomically designed, but is very powerful, super quiet and cool running, and are the only clippers we know of that will actually cut to zero. For this reason it is important to set them up properly before use, so please make sure you read the instructions before using them.

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