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Professional T Liner Plus Cordless Trimmer

Professional T Liner Plus Cordless Trimmer
This smart-looking clipper from Andis gives you all the convenience of a cordless hair clipper and, with a simple switch of its supplied snap-on blades, you can transform it into an equally convenient hair trimmer. Such versatility means you can now do all your clipping and trimming with just one tool. Each T-Liner Combo comes with 3 blades: the square blade for general hair clipping, the T blade for detailed trimming work on neck lines, beards and sideburns and the wide blade with a cutting width of 4 cm (equivalent to a standard clipper). The blades are easily detachable and simply snap onto the clipper chassis, making changes fast and simple. There is also a high power motor that is built to last and will cut through wet or dry hair. When the T-Liners charge gets low, simply plug it into the mains to let it recharge.
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