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Keraline Brazilian Keratin Treatment Kit

Keraline Brazilian Keratin Treatment Kit
Two step treatment with additional shampoo and conditioner.
This kit contains:

Clarifying Shampoo 100ml:
Specially formulated to deep-clean the hair cuticle, removing all residues and impurities. Non aggressive, its formaldehyde free, paraben free, and dye free formula, optimized receptibility of the keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment 100ml:
Infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle, repairing internal damage and coats the hair. It eliminates frizzes and curls and leaves the hair smooth, shiny and straight. Formaldehyde free, paraben free and dye free.

Long-Acting After-Care Shampoo 100ml:
Developed to provide a gentle cleansing that reinforce the precious nutrients of hair. This formaldehyde free, paraben free, sodium laurite sulphate free and dye free formula is recommended for dry, chemically over processed or damaged hair.

Long-Acting Hair Conditioner 100ml:
Developed as a daily use conditioner with specially chosen nutrients and proteins that work in unison with Keratin protein to maintain hairs shine and body. Keratin and Pique oil provide lasting nourishment while protecting the hair from the heat of blow-drying, hot curlers, and straightening irons.
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