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Uniq One All In One Cleansing Balm

Uniq One All In One Cleansing Balm
Uniq One All In One Cleansing Balm. The first cleansing balm with 10 benefits that both cleans and conditions hair without damaging it. Its texture is completely different to conventional shampoos. Hydrates the scalp and protects. Does not affect the scalps natural layer of protection. Respects the pH of the skin. The hair is left clean, conditioned and well cared for. 1. Washes thoroughly and gently 2. Excellent conditioner 3. Protects hair color 4. Silkiness & smoothness 5. Adds shine 6. Adds volume 7. Strengthens & fortifies hair 8. Provides heat protection 9. Repairs damaged hair 10. Sulfate-Free
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