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Based on 8 reviews

By: Undisclosed on 28/02/2021 00:00:00

5 Stars

Use this for my 13yr old Son as its light and not too greasy to clog his pores. Will recommend this as an everyday product that works from roots to ends

By: Undisclosed on 28/08/2019 12:54:00

3 Stars

Good product I must say so

By: Undisclosed on 16/04/2018 01:00:00

4 Stars

Great product, i use it on my roots, its so much better than alot of the other products, strenghtens my hair and smells great.

By: Undisclosed on 27/08/2017 01:00:00

5 Stars

Good product same as always

By: Undisclosed on 23/05/2017 01:00:00

4 Stars

It's for purpose

By: Undisclosed on 10/11/2016 11:54:00

4 Stars

It works well with my natural hair and it smells nice. I will recommend this to other people.

By: Undisclosed on 21/08/2014 23:34:00

5 Stars

Very nice

By: Undisclosed on 19/08/2014 20:29:00

5 Stars

Very good product. Highly recommended.

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