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Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Silky Edges

Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Silky Edges
Shea Butter Miracle Silky Edges is enriched with natural Shea Butter to infuse dry, brittle, hard-to-manage hair with natural body, bounce and movement. Silky Edge gives amazing manageability, softness and shine to naturally curly, wavy, kinky-coily mixed textured hair, perfect for transitioners.

To smooth hairline edge apply a small amount directly to temples. Apply as needed to temples, crown, and edges to help reduce dryness/breakage and add natural shine.
Add more only where you need it
Excellent as an ultra-light finish for your favorite hair styles.
Apply a light coating to hairlines, ponytails, elongated coils or any style you wish to rehydrate, refresh, add shine, or reduce frizz.

Keep out of reach of children.
Hair Burns, keep hair away from flames.
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