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Cutting Guides

Cutting Guides
Wahl Cutting Guides. Wahl Professional Color Coded Hair Cutting Guides - 8 Pack. Clipping your hair into the perfect style has never been easier with the color-coded hair cutting guides from Wahl! The Wahl Professional Color Coded Hair Cutting Guides is the funky, colorful hair clipping kit that is a dream come true for those of you who are always losing your hair cutting guides when styling at home! Affordably priced and with a handy organizer tray that keeps them in order, these 8 color coded cutting guides come in a great array of sizes, from super short size to a much longer size. Attachable to all Wahl full-size clipper blades, the Wahl Professional Color Coded Hair Cutting Guides help transform your home hair clipping from chaotic to organized with an ultra funky range that looks great and works superbly on hair of all lengths, shapes and sizes!
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