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Argan Oil Butter Licious Curls Curl Hydrating Buttercreme

Argan Oil Butter Licious Curls Curl Hydrating Buttercreme
Crème Of Nature With Argan Oil Butter Licious Curls Curl Hydrator Butter crème, Nurture your natural with this dynamic buttercreme trio. This lightweight moisturizing butter blend of Argan, Shea & Cocoa butters work to soften, hydrate and improve manageability for all curl types. Reduces dryness and breakage. Perfect for daily re-hydration and transitioning styles, this fortifying formula brings life to all curls, plus adds Exotic Shine.
Perfect for daily re-hydration or layering with styling products
Made with Argan, Shea and Cocoa Butters for Exotic Shine

Scoop out a generous amount and rub between palms.
Gently smooth down the hair shaft from roots to ends without disturbing your natural curl pattern.
For curly, kinky or dry hair, apply alone as a daily moisturizer. Also great for layering in combination with Pudding Perfection or Twirling Custard to moisturize when styling
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