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Relaxing Care Gift Set With Luxury Fragranced Candle

Relaxing Care Gift Set With Luxury Fragranced Candle
Dove relaxing beauty body gift set, the gift of relaxation with a body wash & pomegranate anti-antiperspirant deodorant with candle.

DOVE REVIVE BODY WASH : Dove go fresh revive body enlivened with an invigorating pomegranate and lemon verbena scent to awaken and refresh your senses. This body wash uses gentle cleansers to maintain your skins natural moisture and nutriummoisture technology to deposit skin natural nutrients.

DOVE ANTIPERSPIRANT DEODORANT : Dove go fresh pomegranate & lemon verbena antiperspirant deodorant.That offers 48hr protection with a refreshing, fruity scent whilst also providing great underarm care.With our 48-hour protection and moisturizing cream, leave them feeling softer, smoother and looking more beautiful than ever.
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