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Based on 3 reviews

By: Undisclosed on 03/09/2019 09:31:00

5 Stars

I was worried that these faux locs had a very artificial appearance, but it is not so. They are so soft and light, they look like real hair. They move even with the breeze I just repeated the purchase and I plan to continue doing so in the future.

By: Undisclosed on 18/03/2018 01:01:00

5 Stars

Fantastic product fast delivery

By: Undisclosed on 05/11/2017 01:01:00

4 Stars

I chose this hair because I wanted a natural dreadlock look and I'm really happy with it. It looks really cute but, the hair unravels easily and some was already a bit messy before I even opened the pack. It looks really good though

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