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Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory is an expert in the field of personal care, nourishing and styling products, as well as lightening,coloring and professional cosmetics for hairdressers.

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Ultraplex Innovative Three Steps Of Hair Regeneration Process
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Ultraplex Innovative Three Steps Of Hair Regeneration Process
Ultraplex 1 ACTIVATOR which can be added to any coloring or lightening products, rebuilds the disulfide bonds of the hair inside. Penetrating into the fibers intensively strengthens and reduces breakage of hair. ACTIVATOR can also be combined with 25 ml of water - then the system acts as the regeneration of colored or bleached hair.

Ultraplex 2 STABILIZER applied to the hair maintains and enhances the disulfide bonds found in their structure. Additionally, closes the scales on the surface of the hair, providing them with long-lasting strength, elasticity and shine.

Ultraplex 3 REGENERATOR is nourishing serum that allows you to maintain a much better condition the hair. It protects them from mechanical damage. You should use it just before washing.
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