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Dermocosmetic Care

PhytoSpecific Dermocosmetic Care. Unique in their sensitivity, dark skin, black and mestizo performers need care tailored to their specific skin. Overly responsive to environmental factors, they are also particularly prone to pigmentary irregularities. PhytoSpecific, expert end of the plant world, has developed products dermatologically tested, dedicated to harmony, beauty and brilliance of these fragile skin.

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Phyto Specific Nourishing Body Cream
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Phyto Specific Nourishing Body Cream
PhytoSpecific Dermocosmetic Care Nourishing Body Cream offers long lasting rehydrating action. It is suitable for dry to very dry skin. Drawn from the heart of the plant world, this cream compensates for the shortcomings of darker skin, black and olive for fight against dehydration and dryness of the body skin more sensitive and reactive. Its ultra nourishing formula with a technology hydrofinium optimizes the process of hydration. The skin is intensely nourished, ultra soft, smooth and not greasy.
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dermocosmetic care

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