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By: Undisclosed on 18/08/2014 09:57:00

5 Stars

This drawstring ponytail is ideal if you want to temporarily add length and volume to your own hair. I've tried permanent hair dye on this product and it took very well. I'd recommend washing with a moisturising shampoo 2-3 times, then comb through a moisturising conditioner and leave in a few minutes before rinsing well! I'd advise you to let this air dry, if you use a hair dryer it makes the hair prone to matting. Once dry you can use straighteners and heat on it. It's easy to put on, just pull your own hair back into a ponytail and wrap the ends to create a small bun. Place the hairpiece over the bun and secure with the 2 grips attached to it. Once in place pull on the drawstring to tighten and tuck the rest of the drawstring underneath the hairpiece.

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