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Shea Moisture Hair Color

The healthier hair dye by Shea Moisture. Made for home application with salon quality results, the Shea Moisture Hair Dye leaves hair looking vibrant and shiny. Whether you want to hide those greys or try a new style, the Shea Moisture hair dye offers excellent coverage. The no drip formula ensures easy application and no fuss or mess on your clothes or carpet. Shea Moisture’s Nourishing Moisture Rich Hair Colour Creme collection fuses some of the finest natural and certified organic ingredients with insights from top salon professionals. Using our signature certified organic Shea Butter, blended with other carefully chosen natural ingredients, including Acai, Glycerin, Flax Seed, Abyssinian Oils, and Soy Protein, we've created a vibrant colour palette that’s kind to your hair and scalp. Our colour care kits are packed with replenishing nutrients that minimise damage while delivering hydration and a radiant shine that makes your hair easier to manage. For glowing, radiant hair colour that looks and feels healthier, shop Shea Moisture Hair Dye online at Paks today to find your perfect colour. Paks is home to low prices and fast delivery on some of the world’s leading hair and skincare brands. As a leading supplier of multicultural hair and beauty products we cater to all hair and skin types.