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Based on 15 reviews

By: Toni S. on 19/08/2021 00:00:00

5 Stars

Excellent ! Excellent ! Excellent!

By: Toni S. on 01/05/2021 00:00:00

5 Stars

So far so good. Excellent

By: Undisclosed on 19/05/2021 00:00:00

5 Stars

Excellent quality. Brilliant style. Wears beautifully. I have been buying this for years. Love it.

By: Undisclosed on 11/09/2019 10:14:00

4 Stars

Good everyday curly wig. The curls need extra care to maintain.

By: Undisclosed on 15/05/2018 01:01:00

5 Stars

Excellent It was something always wanted .Thank you.

By: Undisclosed on 26/04/2018 01:00:00

2 Stars

The product looks like an aged stock. Should not be sold full price. Nothing like the picture.

By: Undisclosed on 27/03/2018 01:00:00

1 Stars

What I got was totally different from what was sent out

By: Undisclosed on 31/08/2017 01:00:00

5 Stars

Very happy with product thanx

By: Undisclosed on 25/05/2017 01:00:00

3 Stars

Not what I expected looks longer on the photo

By: Undisclosed on 02/05/2017 01:00:00

3 Stars

looks longer in the picture but in reality it is much much shorter

By: Undisclosed on 29/04/2017 01:00:00

4 Stars

My mum (older lady) thought she'd go for something different. She's happy with it which is what we wanted.

By: Undisclosed on 21/01/2017 01:00:00

5 Stars

Quality wig,soft and beautiful I will be buying more

By: Undisclosed on 05/10/2014 16:42:00

4 Stars

Ok.. Obviously look betteron the model and maybe a little longer

By: Undisclosed on 08/10/2014 09:23:00

1 Stars

Its not ass shapey as the picture, very shapeless wig and would not be wearing it, not sure if its really 100% human hair as it looks synthetic and feels it

By: Undisclosed on 23/09/2014 15:03:00

5 Stars

good product.

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