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Huge range of conditioners for African-Caribbean hair and conditioners for ethnic hair is available for all hair types. We have conditioner for dry hair to seal in moisture. This conditioner is equally suitable for damaged hair, natural hair, chemically processed hair and normal hair, made in formulas to suit coloured hair, permed hair relaxed hair, medicated conditioner, for dandruff, dry scalp, and fine flyaway hair. If you are looking for a solution of tangled hair then these detangling conditioners are useful, especially for long hair. These 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner are to provide cleansing as well as finishing. If you have damaged, weak or brittle hair then these hair repair conditioners are to strengthen hair and to thicken them. We also have a section of deep penetrating leave in conditioning products to treat your hair. We also sell organic conditioner, neutralizing conditioner, clarifying conditioner. Paks also have conditioners for wigs, braiding conditioners and extension conditioners to make them look best and conditioned with a refreshing look. An entirely new range contains all baby hair conditioners that are specially formulated hair conditioners for kids. If you want to gain more body and volume in your hair then these volume conditioners are suitable for you. We also store hair and scalp conditioners for dry and itchy scalps. These smoothing conditioners increase manageability. We also have these protecting conditioners that include thermal protection conditions, heat protecting conditioner, sun protection conditioner and chemical protecting conditioners. These colour care conditioners are best for coloured hair as they are gentle on hair colour yet provide deep cleansing. Popular ones are blondes conditioners, brunette conditioners, silver conditioners, colour care conditioners, and colour enhancing conditioners as well as some conditioning hair colours. In order to treat damaged hair these hair reconstruction treatments are considered as branded conditioning treatments for all hair types especially conditioners for African-American hair. We also keep conditioners for men that are exclusively formulated for the hair of men; conditioners for black men. Balancing conditioners and neutralizing conditioners are available to balance the pH. The ultimate Conditioners to follow your shampoos are here. To seek optimum effect, select perfect match to your shampoo. The conditioners for all types’ hairs are just a click away.


Color Care Conditioner

Paks sell best conditioners for coloured hair that prevent hair from fading and enhance colour and shine. We have conditioner for colour treated hair to preserve tone in color treated hair. We also sell color care conditioner that replenishes coloured hair and gives them a silky soft and luminous feel. If you have blond hair then henna conditioners may suit your hair. Use this conditioner for blondes that is best blondes conditioner. You can buy this natural henna conditioner for dark hair for lustrous shine. This colour enhancing conditioner with pomegranate extracts is ideal for bright and shiny hair as it improves shine and brightness. Colour protect conditioner is available to protect coloured hair against UV rays to maintain colour treatment longer. We also have this colour enhancing conditioner for brunettes that contains natural extracts to enrich the colour of your hair. Silver conditioner is best conditioner that is ideal to be used as grey hair conditioner, white hair conditioner, platinum blonde conditioner and yellow hair conditioner as it gives them a vibrant shine and feeling healthy. This deep conditioner for blondes enhances colour and provide lustrous shine or get this salon formula professional anti fading conditioner for color-treated hair. We also have shimmer lights conditioner that restores silkiness and manageability in blonde, highlighted and silver hair. This black colour conditioner can be used to keep black hair black and does not stain or dye at all and this blondes brightening mask restores blonde vibrancy and shine.