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Igora Color 10

Igora Color 10
Schwarzkopf Igora Color 10. IGORA COLOR10 Technology The Amino Acid Carrier IGORA COLOR10 delivers beautiful color results, perfect white coverage and outstanding care in just 10 minutes. The amino acids Arginin and Glycin are well known for their re-building effect on the keratin fiber of the hair. The nurturing benefits of these amino acids stabilize the protein structure and improve the hair condition. Within the formula of IGORA COLOR10 the two amino acids work together as a carrier of color pigments allowing them to penetrate faster and deeper into the hair. The result: A shorter, more gentle coloring process. Tips: For perfect color equalization (lift + white coverage) on dark hair use 30 Vol. (9%) For white coverage, mix fashion tones with a natural shade in equal parts for 100% coverage. IGORA COLOR10 SPEEDLIFT+ is not recommended for use on a high percentage of white hair. Application: Apply to dry, unwashed hair. Application time should not exceed 10 minutes. Development Time: 10 minutes for standard color services 10 minutes + heat for white coverage or resistant hair types. Rinse thoroughly with BC Hairtherapy Color.
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