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Based on 11 reviews

By: Undisclosed on 20/03/2018 01:00:00

5 Stars

Perfect as on the picture

By: Undisclosed on 21/12/2017 01:00:00

5 Stars

Best thing I bought for my daughter's hair

By: Undisclosed on 27/10/2017 01:00:00

5 Stars

Really nice conditioning shampoo which is very good at detangling too, leaves sons tight coils feeling very moisturised

By: Undisclosed on 20/05/2017 01:00:00

5 Stars

Really good will buy again

By: Undisclosed on 23/04/2017 01:00:00

5 Stars

Excellent shampoo Just a small blob is enough to cover all of my daughters curly hair. It lives the hair soft and easy to brush.

By: Undisclosed on 05/04/2017 01:00:00

3 Stars

So far so good. First time purchase so jury is still out. Just needed something to moisturise the kids hair

By: Undisclosed on 27/03/2017 01:00:00

4 Stars

This is actually my first time to try our this product it's great for my kid hair.

By: Undisclosed on 15/11/2016 11:27:00

1 Stars

This was in two colours instead of one. Very poor quality

By: Undisclosed on 09/11/2016 18:47:00

5 Stars

The smell is great.Only used it once though

By: Undisclosed on 30/08/2014 08:19:00

3 Stars

Use it for hair, for d first time

By: Undisclosed on 31/08/2014 18:09:00

5 Stars

Have been using this for a couple of years and haven't even tried anything else.Love how it hydrates my child's hair,leaving it super clean and soft.

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