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Revita Anti Chute Hair Shampoo

Revita Anti Chute Hair Shampoo
Hair loss and hair thinning may have different origin: poor diet heavy stress, breast feeding as well as weak and aged bulb. The latest formula of Revita Anti Chute Hair Shampoo with Biotinyl-GHK & Antioxidant Vegetable Blend rightly works on the bulb, to repair and protect its different components. The consequent bulb thickening prevents more hair loss and boosts the growth of new, strongest and thicker hair from the root.

Apply Revita Anti Chute Hair Shampoo on wet hair and scalp.
Massage gently with fingertips the scalp for at least 3-5 minutes. Rinse well.
For best result use Revita Anti Chute Hair Shampoo at least twice a week.

For external use only
Avoid contact with eyes.
If contact occurs, thoroughly rinse with cold water
Keep away from reach of children Keep in cool, dry Place
Always close after use.
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