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Additional hair to extend your hair may require some preparation or maintenance. This section contains all hair extension accessories. These professional hair accessories are of salon quality that can be used with extended hair. This whole range of hair extension glue and bonding glue remover is an essential accessory that has to be used with hair pieces for braiding no matter they are human hair braids or are the replica bulk hair. Other than this, the weave bonding glue can be used with hair extensions and weave hair, although a weaving glue solvent must be used to remove the weaving. These hair attachment glues are easy and quick to use. Especially these branded hair bonding glues and hair bonding removers take less than a minute for processing. Apart from liquid glues, these keratin glue sticks are ideal for braiding and even for the fusion hair pieces. However keratin glues should only be removed using this special keratin adhesive remover. These matching weave clips are a must-have for hair for weaving and the pre-clipped hair. These clips can be sewn with these weaving caps using special weaving needles and these matching weaving threads. Pak’s also presents the largest range of these special extension shampoos that are specially formulated to clean and maintain all hair additions. Additionally these special extension conditioners can be added to make your hair enhancements sleek and smooth.


Shampoo for Wigs and Extensions

Hair extensions shampoos are essential to keep hairpieces fresh and clean. These weave shampoos and braiding shampoos are suitable for both human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Some of them are designed exclusively to clean bulk hair and probably the buyers choice is this spray on braid shampoo by African Pride. On the other than this weave shampoo is one of the top selling shampoos for weaves. Some of these hair extension deodorizers can be used on both hair extensions and loose hair, like this braid and extension cleanser by African Royale. This glue removing shampoo by Pak’s is one step formula for both wigs and hairpieces.