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Pak’s offers a wide range of artificial bulk hair. Unlike real hair braid extensions these hair pieces for plaiting are made of premium quality fibre, kanekalon hair or toyokalon material. These loose hair extensions can be attached with own hair with the help of some hair bonds or the keratin glue sticks and some heat connector for hair. These human-like hair braids feel just like real hair braids that is why they too must be taken care with the help of braid shampoo and braid conditioner. Heat resistant braids come under title of futura fibre that is why these bulk hair enhancements are curling iron safe. Factory made hair extensions are available in four types; these types are categorized on basis of their textures. Russian hair plaiting, European bulk hair, silky straight braids and relaxed African yaki loose hair; all fall under one category of silky yaki braids. The second type in this section is of synthetic braids with waves and curls, having soft curls, deep waves, loose curls, soft twists and ringlets. Next there is futura African hair braiding that are made of either futura kanekalon and toyokalon fibre or else they are made of premium quality fibre. These plait hair additions contain tight coils and tight curls with more frizz and kinks that actually give them a real African-Caribbean look. Jumbo bundle hair are the best hair extension in terms of getting volume hair as they are known to provide more body and volume to own hair.


Kanekalon and Jumbo Braids

These fake hair additions are used to provide human-like longer hair as they are bonded with your hair to extend them. These loose hair made of synthetic are unique for their silky straight hairstyle. Synthetic fibers made of chemicals are straightened to match the feel and look of silky hair and/or yaki hair where the silky texture gives look of European hair whereas the yaky textures looks like relaxed African hair, hair is coarse but straightened. Some of these bulk hair are slightly wavy but the wave is still lesser as compared to the wavy and curly braids, afro kinky braids and even jumbo braids. These extended braids are used to increase hair length as well as provides braided hair styles hence they are equally popular among black women, ethnic, Asian and European women. Popular brands Outre, Janet Collection, LA Trend, Elysee Star, J Adore, American Dream and Aftress. Auntie Lizzy Braid by Aftress is premium quality bulk hair in a straight texture. Super body braid by J-Adore is made of premium synthetic fiber with straight texture of hair. The vitamin C yaky plaiting by Janet Collection contains aroma of Vitamin C for a fresh feeling. Silky yaki hair weft by American Dream is a blend of synthetic hair with real human hair. Outre is probably a leader in this particular category with its batik yaki bulk. Mono braids by LA Trend come in very colourful and bright colours for party braiding. Similar product is the bright Moda bulk hair by Jazzy and this artificial pony by Elysee Star is probably the best bargain out of all.