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Have a look and see we have shaving products for men and women. For the guys we have shaving powder, bump free products, shaving cream for afro skin, shaving gels, most designed to eliminate shaving bumps, aftershave balm, razorless shaving and shaving oil. Ladies might be interested in wax strips shaving, gel, depilatory creams, shaving cream, hair removal cream, wax, bikini wax, eyebrow wax strips.


After Shaves

Aftershave describes a lotions, gel, balm, powder, or liquid used mainly by men after they have finished the act of shaving. It may contain an antiseptic agent such as denatured alcohol or stearate citrate to prevent infection of cuts. Menthol is used in some varieties as well to numb damaged skin, and it is an ingredient that shaving cream manufacturers have started including in their formulations, too. It is said that the alcohol (usually SD Alcohol 40-B) in the aftershaves of many mass market companies closes pores in the skin and therefore prevents further irritation by dirt or bacteria, but there is also contention that this ingredient also dries skin out and disrupts cellular renewal ("razor burn"). Aftershave with alcohol also usually causes an immediate burning sensation in men who apply it post-shave—with effects sometimes lasting several minutes. Paks have wide range of different < a href=/mens-grooming/shaving/after-shaves/Page-5 >aftershave lotions, after shave balms, aftershave creams by best brands like Kings of shaves, American Crew shavings, < a href=/brand/axe/axe >AXE. Paks also sell Magic shaving creams, Magic shaving powders and many more.