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Salon Accessories

All types of accessories required by every salon. Specially made to meet quality standards of any barber. Such as clipper oil, clips, scissors, mirrors, aprons, pins, neck roll, weaving clip, needle, wig glu, glu remover, latex gloves and many more.

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American Dream Heat Connector
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American Dream Heat Connector
American Dream Hair Extensions Heat Connector is a double sided heat connector to attach pre bonded hair extensions, both human hair and synthetic fibre. Double sided heating 360 degree Swivel cord On/Off switch Heats Up to 170 c Light Weight Slimline design and easy to hold
Wahl Clipper Oil
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Wahl Clipper Oil
The Wahl Clipper Oil for Hair Trimmers and Clippers keeps all your clippers, trimmers and shavers free from rust and well lubricated, so you can enjoy brilliant, precision hair trimming when you need it! Ample sized and affordably priced, simply drop a small amount of this rich oil onto your hair clipping blades after every few haircuts and you will see a vastly improved hair clipper that finally gives you the performance you've been looking for! An easy-to-use oil that can also be used as a general lubricant for most shavers, the Wahl Clipper Oil for Hair Trimmers and Clippers extends the life of your trimmers, shavers and clippers so you don't have to waste money on a replacement! How to use: Place 2 or 3 drops of oil between blades after every few haircuts.
Wahl Hygienic Spray
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Wahl Hygienic Spray
Wahl hygenic clipper spray disinfectant cleaner 250ml pump action bottle the quick and easy way to keep all hair clipper and trimmer blades clean and fresh resists bacteria, virus and fungicide.
Wahl Cutting Gown
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Wahl Cutting Gown
The stylish Wahl Academy professional Hairdressers hair cutting gown / cape is used by hairdressers and barbers alike all over the world. The hair cutting gowns / capes have a water resistant finish, are full size with Velcro Fastener, one size fits all, they are heavy duty, long lasting and also come with a Wahl Academy logo on the front. The Wahl Academy Range is endorsed by their artistic director Simon Shaw. All of the Wahl Academy range of products are the absolute best quality available from Wahl
Barbicide Disinfactant Solution
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Barbicide Disinfactant Solution
E.P.A registered hospital disinfectant for all salon tools. The only disinfectant that kills HIV-1 (Aids virus), Hepatitis 'B' and Hepatitis 'C' virus in 30 seconds. Helps to prevent cross infections from one client to another and can be used in its diluted form to clean and disinfect hard inanimate surfaces. Lifetime guarantee against rust.
Cool Care Plus Spray
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Cool Care Plus Spray
Cool Care Plus Spray by Andis is five in One formula, a coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner, and rust preventative. Get clean, cool, lubricated blades in one easy step without removing them from the clipper. The disinfectant is a virucide, fungicide, batericide and tuberculocide. Special SureGrip sculpted can is easy to hold and the high pressure comfort tip nozzle sprays hair out of the blade teeth. For use with clippers and trimmers.
Wax Equipment Cleaner
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Wax Equipment Cleaner
Hive Wax Equipment Cleaner. A superior all purpose equipment cleaner which can be used on all surface for the removal of wax spillage,including plastic and natural fibers.A user-friendly protect which has the benefit of being odourless.
Truzone Colour Releaser
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Truzone Colour Releaser
Truzone Colour Releaser.Quasi Colours No Lift Colours. Non Lightening Colours. Tone on Tone Colours. Mix 2 Parts colour releaser with 1 part colour.
Spray Guard
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Spray Guard
Spray Guard for salon purpose and easy to use.
Deluxe Salon Shirt White
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Deluxe Salon Shirt White
Dream Deluxe Salon Shirt White Made of crinkle nylon. Perfect for stylists and clients. Washable and lightweight. Water resistant and long sleeved for full protection. Unisex
Professional Spray Disinfectant
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Professional Spray Disinfectant
Oster Professional Spray Disinfectant. For use in hospitals, salons and households Kills most germs and bacteria Eliminates odors Prevents mold and mildew Clean scent Disinfects and deodorizes surfaces. Kills most Staph and Strep organisms, Pseudomanas aeruginosa, Trichophyton mentagrophytes (athletes foot fungus) on hard surfaces. Controls odors. Effective against Mycobacterium bovia (BCG) when used undiluted at a contact time of 10 minutes at 25 degrees Celsius. Kills HIV-1 (under strict conditions - see package for full directions) Influenza, A2 English Virus and Herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 on environmental hard surfaces. Effective when tested by the AOAC Germicidal Spray Method. This product may be used in hospitals.
Clipper Oil
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Clipper Oil
Andis Clipper Oil is formulated to be colorless and odorless. Use multiple times daily to maximize the performance of your clippers and trimmers. Also works on Andis, Oster and Wahl blades. Andis clipper oil is great for your shears.
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