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Affordable Transformations For The Drag Queen

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Everything Wig Related? Pak Cosmetics Are Here To Help!

If you believe that clothes make the man, then wigs have a considerable role in making Drag Queens look fabulous. No matter your look, style, personality, or how much of an impact you want to make, all eyes will be on you with the right wig.

Pride 2022 will likely be something special, a celebration that we haven’t seen for some time. So, it’s natural to look your very best; it’s natural to want to be you. At Pak’s Cosmetics, we take immense pride in helping you be you, and we can’t think of a more fabulous time to feel at your very best.

Of course, and without ruining the mood of the festivities, we’ve all got to watch our money these days. This is why we have the most affordable transformations for the drag queen, including real hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

What Drag Queens do you love?

If you’re short of inspiration for your 2022 drag queen turn, why not consider the most popular stars of RuPaul's Drag Race on Instagram as of February 2022 .

Your top three, according to research by Statista, are:

  1. Trixie Mattel, from Season 7, has 2.6 million followers on Instagram
  2. Bianca Del Rio, from Season 6, has 2.5 million followers
  3. Katya Zamolodchikova, from Season 7, has 2.4 million followers

If you want to make sure people know who you’re supposed to be, why not start with some of the most familiar Drag Queens of the present day?

Capture the small touch that shows you’re a true fan of Trixie

When it comes to capturing the look of Trixie Mattel, you know that bigger is always better. Of course, this refers to hair, and you want to create a cascading tower of blonde locks that add some inches to your overall look. The Vivica A Fox range has sex appeal written all over it , and we think Trixie would look amazing in it, and so will you!

While bold is very beautiful when it comes to Trixie, there is one added feature that stands your outfit from the has-beens who don’t quite get it right. Yes, a lot of work must go into the eye makeup, and pink is a must-have, but as Trixie admits, earrings are a massive part of her overall look.

In an interview with Marie Claire , Trixie admitted that functionality and a slight understatement are her go-to look for earrings. When you’ve got a stunning blonde wig reaching the heavens, you can afford to take things easy just below, so remember, if you’re paying homage to Trixie this Pride 2022, let your hair do the talking and take some strain off your ears!

Where there’s Trixie, there must be a Katya

Yes, Bianca Del Rio manages to split this dynamic duo when it comes to social media followers, but what accurate drag-style guide could keep Trixie and Katya apart?

A straight hair bob is one stunning look that Katya always pulls off, and you can too with the right wig. The Pak’s Cosmetics range of real hair wigs is ideal, with the Brown Signature selection being the perfect place to start .

You don’t need to be a natural blonde to turn heads and capture attention; you need the right accessory and some Katya sass.

Cara Cavalli has real girl power

Cara Cavalli might not be the most famous drag queen in the world, but if you are planning on dancing and shaking as much as your heart or boots can take this Pride, you need to take tips from a Queen that moves in every direction!

Cara is known for her flowing locks, and let’s just say, no one has brought the Union Jack dress to life since Geri Halliwell like her. If you’ve been inspired by the Jubilee celebrations and want to push patriotism into Pride, a long redhead wig is a way to go.

Synthetic wigs are ideal for days that turn into night , and Cara knows what it takes to keep everything in place. In a 2018 interview with Elle,

Cara mentioned the following accessories to ensure her wig remained in place, no matter where her body went.

  • Duct tape
  • Spay adhesive or spirit gum
  • Hair pins and bobby pins

She also signed off the interview with the casual reminder that you’re not doing it right if it doesn't hurt.

One good thing about the range of affordable synthetic wigs is they won’t hurt your pocket. No matter what Cara Cavalli style you plan on capturing this Pride, you can look great while saving money for the big day, or days.

Ginny Lemon always keeps it real

We don’t need to look to America or around the world to take inspiration for the month-long celebrations; there are some British Drag Queens who have more than a crown on their head.

Ginny Lemon is one of the most highly memorable performers from the UK Drag Queen events, and who can forget their “It's a bunch of pigs in wigs squealing around the pen” comment, which had many people around the country punching the air with delight.

Thanks to Celebrity Coach Trip, Ginny was back on UK TV in 2022, rocking a fabulous short hair look. If you’re looking to capture a more down-to-earth but no less spectacular look, the Instant Fashion Wig Syn Star from Sensationnel is incredible.

Look great at Pride 2022 without breaking the bank

With wig accessories starting at £3.99, synthetic hair wigs from £9.99 and real hair wigs starting at £19.99, you'll find something stunning no matter your budget when you look for wigs at Pak’s Cosmetics. Pride isn’t about spending a lot of money; it should be about having fun with friends, making new ones and celebrating everything brilliant about life.

When you look good, you feel great; and what day of the year do you deserve to look better than during your favourite Pride event in 2022. To get ahead when it comes to the finest wigs, check out Pak’s Cosmetics today.


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