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Ponytail hair are most commonly gathered at the middle of the back of the head, or the base of the neck. Depending on fashions, these ponytail extensions may also be worn at the side of the head (which is sometimes considered formal) which is worn over one ear, or on the very top of the head (allowing the hair to fall down the back or one side of the head). For a smooth sleek and professional style pick one of our clip on pony tails that are sometimes known to be clip-in ponytails or pigtails. Drawstring ponytails or weave ponytails are available in afro textures, long and wavy, short and curly and come in a myriad of colours from champagne blond, fire reds to the rich dark browns. Create an amazing look in seconds with our clip in pony tails. Choose from our selection of real hair ponytails or artificial hair ponytails for a style and price that suits your personality and budget.


Human Hair Ponytails

Natural hair ponytail piece give natural and real look to the hair style as it matches the texture and colour of own hair. Pak’s has massive range of original drawstring ponytails that are different from chemically made replica ponytails. These real hair drawstrings are easy to style. Since they are made of real human hair therefore they are tangle and shed free. These natural hair hairpieces are available in natural hair colours with several textures, lengths and styles. These human hair ponytail extensions look like a part of own hair thus they can be easily detangled using electrical combs and even non electrical professional hair brushes and these professional combs. Sleek has a whole range of pigtails. This yaki pony is an ideal ponytail extension made of real hair with relaxed African texture.