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Wave Bulk Hair

This category contains complete range of loose bundle of hair that is ideal to get longer wavy hair. These thermal bonding plaits are made of original human hair. The texture falls somewhere between straight braids and curly braids, styles include soft ringlets, loose curls, deep waves, soft perms, deep twists and deep waves. Sometimes referred as wavy braiding hair, these hair for plaiting can be used to extend own hair with the help of these hair extension adhesives. These silicone micro rings can be fitted with plaits. Famous braiding styles in this category are body wave braid and the premium human hair deep wave braid by Sensationnel premium now. Janet Collection presents a whole range of human hair for braiding, their popular styles are the yaky body braid and the kinkier super French braiding. The beautiful new deep braid by Sensual Collection is available in longer length and single tone colours as well as mixed tone hair colours. Human hair French braid is brought to you by LA Trend.

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