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Welcome to managed and operated by; Beauty Logistics Limited, 3 West Road, Harlow Essex CM20 2BT a UK company regulated under UK and European Law. Formed in 2018 - Beauty Logistics is an online supplier of multicultural hair care and beauty products. We work with beauty brands globally, supplying beauty products through our website and under license.

Beauty Logistics Ltd is a specialist supplier and distributor of afro hair and beauty product with a team of experienced professionals from within the beauty business. Our new purpose built, distribution centre in Harlow, Essex ( just north of London), boasts 98,000 square feet and offers capacity for servicing hair and beauty product to over 7,300 customers per day.

Our vision for the future, is to service customers across Europe with a wide section of good quality beauty products from mass to prestige with the latest innovations and trends. We invite you to be a part of our vision and enjoy your online shopping experience.