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Leave In Conditioner

This section contains deep penetrating leave-in hair conditioning therapy for the women of colour. Leave in cream conditioners are thinner and have different surfactants which add only a little material to the hair. They are based on unsaturated chains, which are bent not straight. This shape makes them less prone to crystallizing, making a lighter, less viscous mixture and providing a significantly thinner layer on the hair. The difference between leave-in and pack conditioners in similar to the difference between fats and oils. Leave-in moisturizing conditioner is designed to be used in a similar way to hair oil, preventing the tangling of hair and keeping it smooth. Its use is particularly prevalent by those with natural hair. A daily leave in conditioner made with 100% natural Shea Coco. Additionally pro vitamin leave in conditioner and vitamin E leave in conditioner detangles your hair and decrease inner fiber friction. You will also find leave in conditioner for men and specially formulated babies leave in conditioners for children.This organics leave in conditioner is ideal for itchy scalp as well as for braids, wigs and extensions.

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