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Styling Spray

This range of hair sprays is known as Styling Sprays since it contains hairsprays that are known for their effective styling features; holding, shaping and shine. A setting and styling spray by salon herbals adds body in your hair and holds styles for longer. This shine and design spritz is a unique, fast drying and flake- free formula that provides firm hold and styling control. The spritz it styling spray is a non aerosol super holding and styling spray. Use this hold me tight finishing spray with rapid drying formula and strong hold and if you want to get style with volume in hair then the wella hairspray can keep hair in place for hours leaving it looking naturally shiny. This essensity styling juice is an ultra light spray to deliver natural, invisible antistatic control and is ideal for blow drying. Buy this hair polisher firm hold spritz hair spray to get texture, volume and fullness to all hair types. Phyto workable holding spray with acacia collagen is excellent for working, sculpting and defining any shape and style. We sell the glaze plus styling spray to get ultimate shine, extra hold. We also have this professional finishing spray to get frizz free styles with all day hold and high shine. If you have natural curls then get this curl refresher finishing spray that freshens up and de-frizzes dry curls for a quick restyle. This keratin enhanced styling hairspray is a unique anti humectants formula that reduces frizz, flyaways and produces a silky smoothing result when used daily and this shimmer spray is perfect for todays trendy, hot styles.

Styling Spray

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