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Moisturizing Spray

These Moisturizing Hairsprays are capable to restore and lock moisture in your hair. Paks has carefully collected best curly hair moisturizers for you. The curl moisturising spray is a special blend of proteins and conditioners designed to restore proper moisture balance to the hair. We also have braids moisturizers to relieve itchy skin and dry scalp. Use professional humidity blocker for all hair types to lock out humidity while eliminating frizz. This moisturizing finishing mist replenishes and revitalizes textured hair by adding moisture in them. Buy this moisturizing leave in spray formulated with vitamin E for intense hydration and softer feeling. Hair moisturizer for men is a lightweight daily moisturising formula for mens hair, locs and braids. This hydrating hairspray is designed to give all the moisture and sheen needed to maintain your curly look without the wet look and feel. Another argan oil emollient hairspray with organic argan oil is effective moisturizing formula for dry hair. Buy Oil moisturising spray for extra dry hair to style in dreadlocks, to condition, protect and moisturize your hair.

Moisturizing Spray

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