Extensions and Wigs Accessories are the required things that are necessary items to be used with Hair Extensions and Hair Wigs, such as Bonding Glue, Glue Removers and more.


Weaving Needles

All kind of hair sewing needles are available in this section. These hair weft needles are used to sew hair enhancements especially hair braids and clip-ins. These professional hair needles come in different shapes. Straight weaving needle is to attach and sew hair wefts using the weaving method. This moon shape hair needle has a curved structure that looks like a moon or letter C. This L shape hair needle comes in the bendy shape of letter L to sew hair weaves and clip on. weave clips can be sewed to hair strips in order to make pre-clipped hair extensions. Professional hair sewing thread has to be used to stitch hair for weaves.