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A wig is a hair hat made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic hair and is a short form of periwig. Wigs in various shapes and sizes became the latest fashion trend. These are ready hair caps with predefined hairstyles. Wigs for cancer are getting popular as are recommended by NHS. On the other hand wigs for African-American women are very popular especially the party wigs and celebrity wigs are selling in higher number than Best Wigs at competitive prices these branded wigs come in both fringe wig and lace wig styles. Wigs can be made of both human and synthetic hair and remy wigs are known to be most famous wigs for ladies. However wigs are made for both men and women and Pak’s store both. Wigs for black women mostly come as long wigs, short wigs, wavy wigs and bob wigs whereas wigs for gents are always short wigs. African-Caribbean wigs are available in the wigs for sale section. Half wigs are also available along with full wigs and some of them are hand tied wigs whereas other are machine made wigs.