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At Paks Cosmetics Centre we can supply you with natural hair oils that are 100% pure hair oils or organic hair oils. We also stock herbal hair oils and scalp oils for massage. Roots stimulating oils are excellent hair oils for scalp and hair roots. These moisturizing hair oils contain essential oils and are extracted from natural resources. For example olive hair oils, amla hair oils, tea tree hair oils, lavender hair oils and coconut oils. Besides these hair strengthening and protective oils we also stock complete variety of hair sprays including the hair protection sprays such as heat protection sprays or thermal hair sprays, heat styling sprays, sun protection sprays etc. You can buy detangling and conditioning sprays from established hair care brands. Here we have hair strengthening sprays and leave in conditioning sprays to thicken hair and strengthen them; some of them can perform as volumizing hair sprays or volume booster sprays. Best selling hairsprays are the sprays for dry hair. These sprays are suitable for dry flaky and itchy scalp as well as for dry and brittle hair. These sprays provide moisture to hair with sleek smooth sheen. At Paks you can find hair styling sprays that provide medium and strong hold to your hair. Apart from these holding sprays we also have hair styling sprays and sheen hair sprays as well as volumising sprays. If you use hair extensions, braiding extensions and hair wigs then these especially formulated sprays for wigs and sprays for braids are available from quality brands. We also stock professional hair serums, mists for hair growth and hair polishers.


Braids n Wigs Spray

This section contains hairsprays that are specially formulated for hair extensions, braids, locs, twists, wigs and natural hair. We have best detangling spray for braids and weaves and professional shine spray for braids. If you face itching and flaking while using hair extensions then this medicated braids spray is to prevent and end flaking and itching while it conditions the hair and gives it the moisture it needs for great lustre; alternatively you can use the braid relief spray to gently soothe stubborn scalp problems that you feel after braiding, locking, twisting or weaving your hair. This herbal vitamin braid spray is ultra light and non greasy formula for soften and shine braids, dreadlocks, extensions and weave. Braids locks and twists spray by ISOPLUS controls frizz and adds sheen giving braids, locks and twists that freshly styled appearance. We also sell lock and set styling lotion to style locks and roller sets, spiral, crimps and crinkles. People who wear locks and twists tend to have itchy scalps because unlike traditional hair styles where the scalp and blood circulation are stimulated by combing or brushing, locks and twists are not combed or brushed. Mango and lime no more itch spray is the perfect choice for these people. Locks and braids spray with essential herb oils is recommended to be used on any locks, braids, weaves and twists; natural or synthetic hair fiber. With the benefits of T-Tree oil the T Tree medicated braid spray combines all benefits of Australian Tee Tree oil Melaleuca Alternifolia in an easy to use spray. Buy this braid oil moisturizing spray by Sta Sof Fro to relieve itchy and dry scalp. If you are looking for sprays for wigs then the control wig spray with 3 in 1 formula is designed to help wigs and braids to maintain a beautiful and natural look; otherwise the 6 in 1 wigs spray is equally good to maintain wigs. The braid conditioning spray with apricot oil and vitamin E is suitable to moisturize and refresh scalp and for children this kids olive oil braid spray with finest extra virgin olive oil and herbal extracts is the excellent choice.