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Check out our assortment of intensive hair treatments and choose a couple as a treat for your hair. We have deep conditioning treatments, weekly strengthening treatments and daily maintenance treatments. Hot oil treatments, moisturising treatments, replenishing treatments, shine treatments, medicated treatments, Hair growth and Hair loss treatments. Hair reconstruction treatments are suitable solution for weak and damaged hair. Treatments for dry hair and damaged roots also fall in the same category. These treatments are different from hair growth treatments. Paks contain excellent herbal formula hair treatments and conditioning treatments to condition your hair while treating and reconstructing them. You can find all the thin hair treatments and hair thickening treatments here and if you have coloured hair then brunettes treatments and treatments for blondes are for you.


Conditioning Treatment

We provide best conditioning hair care treatments for your hair and scalp to treat them and reconstruct them as well as to make them smooth and look healthy. You can buy best conditioning treatments here. Here is this African herbs conditioning treatment with amazing tea tree oil and herbs that strengthens chemically and color treated hair while controlling frizziness and reducing breakage. On the other hand a hot gro treatment conditioner is useful to end slow growth problems. This treatment for African Caribbean hair is a hydrating and healing hair treatment to wake up sleeping follicles. The omega 3 olive oil conditioning treatment with milk protein is stop breakage and promotes growth in African American hair. This treatment conditioning structurizer revitalizes thinning hair as its low weight amino acids penetrate in hair shafts to reinforce internal hair structure. If you have dry or brittle hair then use this cholesterol conditioning treatment for essential moisture lock. We have botanical treatment conditioner to strengthen and repair your hair. We also sell citrus conditioning treatment for instant shine with delicious smell. We have best healing conditioning treatment which boosts follicle and scalp health leading to beautiful, soft, shiny hair. Use this instant leave in conditioning treatment to restore extremely damaged hair. If you have weak and lifeless hair then you should use strengthening conditioning treatment and you can achieve longer, stronger, healthier looking hair. Here is a keratin treatment conditioner that helps rebuilding hair internally. A hair fertilizer can treat damaged, brittle and extra dry hair while reducing shedding and breakage whereas a sulfate free intensive conditioning treatment is an intensive formula to rebuilt and strengthen hair with curl patterns.