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Hair Relaxer

This section contains creams or lotions that are formulated for people with tight curls or very curly hair for easier hair straightening by chemically relaxing natural curls. Both lye and “no lye” relaxers are very strong chemicals that work in the same manner by changing the basic structure of the hair shaft. Organics olive oil relaxer is best for superior, long lasting straightening. If you are suffering with sensitive skin then use a mild formula sensitive scalp relaxer. We have herbal olive oil relaxer that provides ultra hair conditioning with olive oil. We also provide no base relaxer to straighten the most coarse and unruly hair. This herbal conditioning relaxer with aloe vera is infused with natural blends and herbal oils to straighten hair with minimum scalp irritation. If you have thin or lifeless hair then use bodifying relaxer to straighten hair while providing them volume without weighing them down otherwise use anti breakage relaxer in order to relax dry, brittle or weak hair. Use the salon formula relaxer to relax hair leaving them stronger and better. Find the best no lye relaxer here that contains no lye formula and olive oil with conditioning ingredients otherwise this argan oil relaxer provides advanced straightening with luminous shine. This no lye relaxer with plant extracts relaxes hair while making them softer and smoother than ever before. Get the best no mix relaxer to attain straight and sleek look of hair that are naturally curly or wavy. We also sell relaxing kits for men to change hard to comb hair into soft straight relaxed hair.

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