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Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Made by hand-tying real human hair to a base composed partially of sheer lace - the remainder of the wig base being manufactured from a tougher material that’s less prone to tearing - human hair lace front wigs are a great all-round option and popular with celebrities and stylists. The partial lace construction of these wigs makes it easy to part your hair the way you want. Plus, all of the hair used to manufacture Remy wigs comes from a single donor, contributing further to their natural, ultra-realistic look. Opt for an unprocessed lace front wig if you’re after a more natural look, or browse our range of Brazilian lace-front wigs for an affordable and stylish option. Most of our lace front wigs can be tied with the help of glues and tapes, though some don’t require tape or glue - contact us if you’d like any additional information about the products listed below.Shop popular brands at Paks, including Sleek and Janet Collection .

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