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hair care

Paks is a virtual treasure trove of hair products. There is nothing that is needed for the care of afro textured hair that you cannot find here. We have an endless collection of hair shampoos, hair conditioners, and hair treatments for the scalp and all hair types whether it’s natural, coloured, chemically treated or dry and damaged. We have both professional afro hair care products like hair relaxers and hair texturizers, Also perms and hair care products for use at home. Whatever your styling needs, choose from our wide range of hair care and maintenance products to suit your style. Natural hair wearers will find the right hair moisturisers, hair creams, grease and pomade and oils, serums, sprays to keep the tresses strong and healthy. Those with relaxers or perms will find wax, gel, hair colours and dye, straightening balms and serum, hair sprays specially formulated for their hair types in just a few clicks of a mouse. Collection of top branded hair products for dry brittle, damaged, frizzed and lifeless hair. Manufacturers like Dark N Lovely, Motions,D n R, Phyto, Kera Care, Ambi,and many more best hair products in uk.