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Color Care Shampoo

These hair shampoos are specially formulated for coloured hair. Their gentle cleansing formula does not harm the color of hair. We have worlds best colour protection shampoos for you. Our professional shampoo for colour treated hair is exclusively formulated to enhance and preserve tone in color treated hair. On the other hand the hair polisher color treated shampoo is weightless and gentle shampoo that prevents fading. We also offer salon formula color replenishing shampoos gently removes dulling build up on hair. This no more yellow shampoo removes yellow from gray hair and removes alkaline residue. Best selling henara shampoo for blondes contains natural henna extracts for blonde hair and the silver shampoo with antioxidants and CoQ10 is special shampoo for grey hair. We also contains colour enhancing shampoo for brunettes that contains henna extracts. Henna shampoo is suitable for brunettes. Our pre colour shampoo has been specially formulated for use prior to colouring hair. If you are looking for professional colour enhancing shampoos with fade protection melanin maintains delicate balance of soft and vibrant colors. And much more...

Color Care Shampoo

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