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Kids Conditioner

Here at Pak hair & cosmetics centre we have hair conditioners exclusively formulated for children. Since baby hair and scalp are very sensitive and delicate thus conventional hair products can be harmful for them. This section contains delicate hair and scalp conditioners that are made for the child hair care. Our range of best kids conditioners. Here at Paks we understand individual needs of African-caribbean and mixed ethnic children thus whole variety of children conditioners is available here. This 2 in 1 kids Organic conditioner detangles and moisturizes hair of your children. We sell this solution for dry here; the children moisturizing conditioner with fortified vitamins helps revitalizing dry and brittle hair. This detangling baby conditioner is a leave in conditioner for your princess to prevent breakage and to revitalize hair and scalp. If you are looking for a solution for weak hair then this rinse out and leave in kids organics hair nutrition conditioner is the best choice. This kids detangling leave in conditioner is suitable for comb thru or blow out as it seals in moisture and protects from damage. We also have anti dandruff conditioner for kids is medicated conditioner for children between age two and twelve. We also have feather light formula for kids; the anti breakage oil moisturizer for children which contains extra virgin olive oil and herbal extracts. The 2 in 1 baby bath and shampoo is for both hair and body of your baby and protects delicate skin of your child and cleans hair from excessive dryness. No more tangles conditioner for kids is excellent baby spray Leave-In conditioner that helps unlocking knots and tangles to make combing easier. For African-american kids we have this kids curly crème conditioner that is a paraben free leave in conditioner for kinky, curly, frizzy and wavy hair or you can opt this Olive Miracle Detangling Moisturizing Kids conditioner to keep your childs hair manageable by helping prevent frizz, tangles and reversion.

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