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These real hair are manufactured for weaving.Cuticle weaves are the finest remi hair that are collected from human donors, these are carefully selected hair cuticles collected mostly from Asia.European hair are also popular for their soft and natural looks.These silky straight weaves are naturally elastic real hair, available in a straight soft texture. The thicker version of European silky straight weaves is the yaky weaving,these relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair are straight hair having a slightly thicker texture in comparison. If more volume is required then these voluminous hair weaves are an excellent choice of hair available.They are also known as naturally wavy hair.The african kinky weaves provide highest level of volume since they come with a very coarse texture called the Afro texture hair.Another stylish range of 100% human hair extensions is the curly weaving with natural loose or tight curls with bounce and volume.Apart from these regular versions of original hair weaves,the bonded hair strands called fusion hair, sometimes referred as the bonded hair tips. These tips come in a set of several hair strand with pre bonded tips or edges. The best quality in these natural weaves is the virgin human hair. These are the unprocessed human hair that fall under virgin and Brazilian labels.


Virgin Brazilian

This section contains partially processed and completely unprocessed human hair integrations. These human hair come in both remi and premium qualities. These carefully selected human hair are not chemically processed and most of them come with their own original hair color. Janet Collection, Sleek, Outre, Feme, Brazilian Natural and Sensationnel are leading brands of virgin hair for weaving. Brazilian Natural virgin weaving comes in short to long lengths with naturally wavy hair having soft waves. Feme offers these unprocessed Brazilian weaves that come with naturally soft waves. Sensationnel leads by offering three styles of fully natural virgin Brazilian hair, the fully natural wavy weft with soft waves, the fully natural curly weft with natural curls and the fully natural bohemian weft with loose waves. These Indian remi Brazilian weaving and Indian remi Italian weaving by Outre are famous for their velvety touch and pure quality. Sleek with its vast range of virgin hair has significantly cost effective styles like the remy couture weave, the Peruvian gold and the Brazilian gold weaving.