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At Paks we sell a huge range of shampoo for all hair types. We have a big selection of dry hair shampoo that gives moisture to dry hair. These moisturizing shampoos are suitable for brittle hair and are known as humectants shampoos. Top selling branded conditioning shampoos contain shampoo and conditioner in one are available in this section. These 2 in 1 conditioning shampoos or treatment shampoos clean your hair while leaving their shaft and cuticles sleek and smooth. If the aim is to transform own hair into bigger and fuller hair then these volume boosting shampoos are efficient for hair. These volumizing shampoos provide body and volume to own hair thus these shampoos can also be referred as bodifying shampoos and volume lifting shampoos. Fuller hair shampoos may give volume but they do not actually strengthen weak hair and roots. However one of these hair thickening shampoos are can be used to attain thicker hair. Protein shampoos and hair strengthening shampoos actually make hair stronger and thicker. Hence these are ideal shampoos for weak hair. Paks also has a whole category of shampoos for coloured hair, these are blonde shampoos, silver shampoos, brunette shampoos; coloured hair shampoos and keep your hair color safe. They are safe for the hair color yet are effective hair cleansers. The pH Balancing shampoos and neutralizing shampoos not only maintain your hair in their original state but are widely used as hair relaxer shampoo and hair texturizer shampoo because they bring processed hair and relaxed hair back to their neutral and normal state. These normalizing shampoos are popular among African-caribbean and ethnic women of colour. Deep cleansing shampoos are dense hair cleansers as they remove dirt and oil from your hair and promotes clear hair. If you are looking for a sensitive shampoo or a shampoo for sensitive scalp then these gentle shampoos are ideal for dry and itchy scalp. Paks keep a whole range of shampoos that are especially formulated for children. These baby shampoos come with a dilute formula to match the requirements of sensitive skin that your baby or child has. Anti dandruff shampoos are probably the fastest selling range in shampoos to get clear and dandruff free scalp. Paks also manages the stock of best selling braid shampoos, wig shampoos and extension shampoos for both the real hair enhancements and artificial hair. Dermatological tested shampoos and allergy tested shampoos fall in this category of infected skin shampoos. Additionally eczema shampoos, dermatitis shampoos anti lice shampoos and rinse free shampoos fall within this class. Shampoos for men range contains all the mens energezing shampoo. These leave in shampoos are spray shampoos that do not require wash or rinse that is why they are also called dry shampoos.


Sensitive Scalp Shampoo

A sensitive scalp can cause discomfort and be distracting during the day. In order to handle this, Paks provide a complete hare care shampoos range for people with delicate scalp. These shampoos for sensitive scalps are gentle on your scalp but provide soothing to dry and itchy scalps. We offer best stimulating therapy shampoo that is enriched with herbal extracts and organic nutrients and gently cleanses unclogging pores. Another dry itchy scalp shampoo fights dandruff and reconstructs hair. This invigorating mint shampoo refreshes the scalp with chilling mint sensation. If you are looking to soothe scalp then this sorbitwin soothing shampoo provides gentle moisture to your scalp. This irritated scalp shampoo is a fragrance free formula that helps clearing the scalp and dandruff to relieve dry and tight skin. Another delicate scalp shampoo with rosemary oil and mint is suitable for both scalp and hair. This scalp stimulating shampoo is a dual action tingling shampoo and is best selling flaky scalp shampoo. We also have tampered scalp shampoo for dry and itchy scalp. This damaged scalp shampoo has solutions for most common problems of scalps. We have all in one anti dandruff shampoo to alleviate dry and itchy scalp conditions. On the other hand this tea tree scalp treatment shampoo cleanses, purify and balances moisture levels for lasting scalp. Delicate scalp shampoo is useful for stubborn dandruff. We also have antibacterial scalp shampoo that soothes, heals and moisturizes your hair and scalp.