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Carol's Daughter

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What can Carol’s Daughter Haircare do for you?

Carol's Daughter makes hair products for all hair textures, all curl types and promises to solve all your beauty needs. And Pak Cosmetic’s is proud to sell Carol's Daughter .

Who Is Carol’s Daughter?

“To name my company, I listed everything I was and wanted to be, and realized the most special thing that I am Lisa, Carol’s daughter.” -Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter Founder

Their company founder Lisa began making products from her kitchen in Brooklyn in 1993 and selling it at local flea markets. Since then, of course, it’s grown tremendously. Stocked all over the world, including at all Pak branches in London.

Carol's Daughter products have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, joined the L’Oreal Family and has many many successes, including recently being featured in Glamour’s Beauty awards for the best curly hair products of 2022, with many other products we sell here at Pak’s .

Carol’s Daughter Hair Product Guide

To help find which Carol's Daughter hair products is right for your hair type we have made a handy guide below. Although no two curl patterns are the same this guide will give you a good idea as to which products will suit you.


Your hair is densely packed coils, prone to shrinkage and can become dry and prone to breakage without the correct mositurising ingredients. To give your hair the moisture boost it needs we suggest the Carols Daughter Coco Creme range, specifically the Coco Creme Velvet Cream Hair Mask .


Curls that are more of a zig zag shape, prone to dryness and tangles. We recommend the Goddess Strength Divine Strength Leave-in Cream . For curls and coil type hair, it strengthens and moisturises weak strands, is paraben free and is a powerhouse of natural vegan haircare.


If your hair is dense with a very coily pattern, you have type 4A, with oil or hydrating creams you can achieve a greater curl definition. Try the Carol's Daughter black vanilla range, especially the Black vanilla pure hair oil , the oil adds a layer of moisture to dry, dull, brittle hair to replenish and maintain hairs natural balance.


Your hair is tight corkscrew style ringlets, densely packed and volume. Prone to dryness and tangles so moisturising products again would benefit your curls such as the Carol’s Daughter shampoo and conditioner from the Black Vanilla collection. Specifically the black vanilla hydrating conditioner and the black vanilla sulphate free shampoo .


Springy curls with loads of volume throughout. You need a lot of hydration to keep your thirsty curls at bay, they range from corkscrews to ringlets. The Carols daughter almond milk leave in conditioner is a perfect choice for 3B, with repairing properties to quench and moisturise your hair, keeping it safe from damage. This is a great example of how to use leave in conditioner for curly hair, especially to benefit 3B curls.


You have large curls which are loose and an S shape, frizz is a huge problem for your haircurl type and you need to maintain shine on those curls! The Hair Milk original leave in moisturiser is great for 3A because it has moisturising properties and also helps fight frizz which is great to define your style curls.


Thick waves with an S pattern from the root, full of volume, you may have issues with frizz whcih can be combatted again with the Hair Milk original leave in moisturiser just as 3A.

2B and 2A

2B and 2A have less defined curls, especially A, you have issues with frizz and lose definition. A great product for 2B and 2A is the Carol’s Daughter hair milk refresher spray , this spray is great for maintaining shine and locking in moisture. Environmental aggregators like humidity or even flattening caused by naps can make hair dry and frizzy so this spray is a great way to refresh and revitalise your hair.

The Best Carol’s Daughter products

Some of our favourite products include the Minosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade perfect for styling, braiding and generally keeping our hair healthy with its sweet scent. For 20 years, Mimosa Hair Honey has been the go-to hair dress for every style, that’s how it wins Pak’s approval.

Another favourite is their Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother , perfect for them edges, it smooths, replenishes and adds moisture where you need it. Carol’s Daughter really does have products for everyone, with prices starting from £3.69 , they make hair care and curl care affordable. Shop Carol's Daughter at Pak’s Cosmetics today!


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