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Based on 6 reviews

By: Undisclosed on 05/11/2019 13:37:00

5 Stars

Very Good product for my mixed race mixed textures hair. I bought 2 boxes for a retouch and had a little left over. For safety I did my hair in 2 batches because some parts need longer. That said I would feel confident to complete in one session next time. Please note I’ve invested in professional quality neutralising shampoo and would recommend you do the same (purchased some months ago from a different supplier).

By: Undisclosed on 09/12/2016 01:00:00

5 Stars

Très bon produit j'aime beaucoup

By: Undisclosed on 25/08/2014 22:00:00

3 Stars

pot is very very small. had to use another product to finish hair

By: Undisclosed on 01/09/2014 06:41:00

1 Stars

les explications ne sont pas bien expliqués

By: Undisclosed on 24/08/2014 15:44:00

5 Stars


By: Undisclosed on 24/08/2014 15:27:00

4 Stars


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