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Based on 10 reviews

By: Undisclosed on 21/02/2018 01:00:00

5 Stars

Cleanses well without drying out.

By: Undisclosed on 20/05/2017 01:00:00

4 Stars

Hair feels great and thick.

By: Undisclosed on 11/03/2017 01:00:00

5 Stars

wonderful forme and my family afro hair

By: Undisclosed on 15/11/2016 11:27:00

5 Stars

Does exactly what it says on the bottle.

By: Undisclosed on 11/11/2016 17:34:00

5 Stars

Really silky feel, love pink brand too

By: Undisclosed on 10/11/2016 11:54:00

5 Stars

I have used this product before and it always does what it says on the bottle

By: Undisclosed on 09/11/2016 18:47:00

5 Stars

Product is very good value for money and will recommend to friends

By: Undisclosed on 11/09/2014 16:21:00

4 Stars

Very good

By: Undisclosed on 08/09/2014 12:32:00

3 Stars

tous les 2 jours \npour mon fils il semble apprecier rien de visible niveau cheveux bof

By: Undisclosed on 19/08/2014 18:00:00

5 Stars

Great product. I use once a week and would recommend. Leaves my hair easy to manage.

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