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Affirm Fiberguard Step 4 Normalizing Shampoo

Affirm Fiberguard Step 4 Normalizing Shampoo
FiberGuard Normalizing Shampoo was developed to assure complete hair neutralization. Acid balanced at pH 6.0 in a detangling, concentrated shampoo formula. Unique color indicator in shampoo lathers pink if hair is not completely neutralized. Reduces surface porosity and eliminates static electricity. Produces rich lather to effectively cleanse and eliminate all residual relaxer traces. Color indicator turns lather from pink to white when normalization is complete. Insures that just relaxed hair has returned to the normal pH range. Contains natural botanical extracts and humectants to moisturize hair. Repairs damaged areas along the hairshaft. Helps re align and close cuticles. Leaves hair tangle free and manageable. Economical to use.
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