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Shea Moisture African Black Soap

Shea Moisture African Black Soap is specially formulated to comfort, cleanse and moisturise irritated skin for both hair and body. Considered a one-size-fits-all wonder beauty product, African black soap comes with natural antibacterial properties. Shea butter also soothes, leaving your skin and hair nourished and hydrated. The raw ingredients that make up this unprocessed black soap has a rougher texture than the average soap bar. This makes it a natural exfoliant , which can help to improve skin texture Shea Moisture have utilised all the benefits of African black soap to create products to suit your whole skincare routine from body wash to a dandruff control hair masque. Shop Shea Moisture African Black Soap online at Paks today with fast international delivery. What is African black soap made of? .

What makes this soap unique? The key ingredients of African black soap include: cocoa pods, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, plantain bark, which contains iron, as well as vitamins A and E and shea butter. Available with other beautifying ingredients including charcoal and manuka honey, you can pick and choose your favourite combinations to find the ultimate hair and skincare treatment that works for you.