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Spetra Braids

Spetra/Spectra Synthetic Pre-Stretched braids are made for latch hook technique which is protective style that leaves no stress to your own hair and its growth. These Spetra/Spectra syn Pre-Stretched braids are the smoothest and softest in the market. These braids are so popular and also preferred by professional salon! Now you can buy as per your choice of style you want to go for , as these braids are available in single as well as multiples packs as 2X, 3X ,4X ,6X and even in 10X with very affordable prices. These Spetra/Spectra braids are so easy & tight braiding as well as time & cost saving. Tangle Free. Pre-Stretched Layered Ends. Hot Water Setting anti-bacterial itch-free braiding line. Check out our range for Spetra/Spectra Very reliable Value Pack With Vivica Fox and Serenity online order at Pak's.

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